Soju & New Items

Did you know that the most popular spirit in the world is Jinro Soju? Most brands of soju are made in South Korea. It is traditionally made from rice, wheat, or barley, but modern producers of soju use supplements or even replace rice with other starches, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, or tapioca.

It is always fun to try other products. We attempt to try as many different things as you can imagine. Some are good, some are not. Chances are someone on our staff has tried it.

Viniq – a new liqueur that actual will create swirls when shaken. This is made from moscato and peach vodka. To make the swirling effect, they also add a confectionary ingredient that is used to make jelly beans shimmer.

Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey – the latest in products to come out to take some of the Jagermeister business away. Made in a similar manner with a little bit more sweet profile, this could be the next up and coming bar shot.

Bombay Sapphire East – a line extension from Bombay Sapphire, this adds lemongrass and black peppercorns to all of the other spices and botanicals.

For more on other new items (wine and spirits), please check our website.

Important Facts About Beer and Wine

This is always a good time of year to discuss what is assumed and factual about summer time consumption of beverage alcohol.

One must remember that wine is an agricultural product and can be destroyed by excess temperatures. We suggest that with wine purchases, that you transport them in the coolest part of the vehicle. Most people will operate their air conditioner during the warmer times, so the “cabin” of the vehicle will suffice. With that, please remember to not leaving the wine in vehicle when the temperature is in excess of 80 degrees. This will cause leakage, pushing out the corks, possibly breaking down the chemical compounds (there are over 200 chemical compounds in wine) or in rare instances a secondary fermentation causing the bottle to explode. Yes that is not a good thing to have to clean up

When it comes to beer, we have heard them all. From the “I do not have enough room to fit it in the refrigerator” to “this beer is skunked.” Let’s look at these in two separate manners.

Beer is skunked… the only way a beer can be skunked is through its exposure to ultra violet light. UV will begin to break down the alpha acids in the hops (bittering and flavoring ingredient added to beer). When this occurs, it will create an odor of a skunk; hence where the term comes from. Now for this beer to have become “skunked” it would have to been removed from the bottle or the bottle set in the sunlight. Certain colors of the bottles will act different but that is for a later blog. Most of the time the actual issues are either it is a) more fresh than the consumer is used to, b) stale or old beer or c) not been handled properly (we will get into that in just a moment). If you find yourself in this situation, we do have a decent return policy, but please remember our policy is not a “oh I just didn’t like it.” Every package returned is tasted by our certified beer judge and staff to try to determine what could have went wrong so we can attempt to correct an internal issue should one arise or alert the producer to a possible issue with a batch (which does happen).

Not enough room in the refrigerator… back before flash pasteurization and refrigeration, it was extremely important to maintain temperatures. Up to about 5 years ago, one of the more common beers was not even pasteurized. With that thought, some keg beers come to us warm through design. Stabilization of temperature is more key. As long as you can maintain a temperature between 28 and 80 degrees, most beers are stable. When you exceed those parameters, you will see freezing or even secondary unwanted bottle fermentation. Remember that when a cold bottle begins to warm it will sweat. Through evaporation this actually will keep the internal liquid more cool. Our suggestions during the summer is to actually buy all the beer cool when leaving it in the vehicle for more than an hour. Let the physics do the work for you. Interestingly enough, most consumers do not realize that the truck we get in when it is 20 degrees outside are not heated nor or they cooled when it is 110 degrees. We are fortunate that most of our beer is delivered to us before 11 am, so the heat of the day has not impacted the product. During the winter, it is common for a truck to be left running to ensure that the liquid does not freeze.

As always… enjoy!!!

The Points System

At one time there were no point scores applied to wine, liquor or beer, but conversations with employees and proprietors to find the best of the best. Recently, many have found a way to prosper from using this system as when good scores are revealed, the prices go up. While we are happy to put the score from a publication on a review, we do want to remind the consumer that 100 points does not mean that this is the best product for you. It is merely the interpretation of a critic assigned the task of grading. Some of the critics have no formal education in terms of beverage alcohol. Along with this most of our fastest moving products would not score very highly. This is where the consultants we employ become extremely helpful. We taste many products personally yet never assign a score to them. We utilize this information to discuss how and for whom this product should be used. Feel free to stop by and get associated with our consultants. Let them learn your palate and they can show you items you may have never thought of purchasing. Cheers!

Product Selection

We would like to discuss product selection for we are sure that many readers do not completely understand the vast amount that is available. The products we can offer for resale are mostly found in a price index that comes out once a month. This “Journal” has approximately 400 pages of pricing with each page listing about 100 or more  items per page giving us about 40,000 items to choose from. This journal does not include other suppliers that do not use this as a form of doing business which is about 5,000 additional items. As you can see the number of offerings are vast, yet we are limited by space. Even the biggest stores in the state do not handle one bottle of everything.

When we choose products, we have to look at movement to determine if we can secure enough profit to cover the cost of doing business, and at the same time we do have the capabilities of offering limited items with a slower “turn” in some areas.

We sample almost every new item that enters the store so that we have the ability to show this item to customers. Many people believe that this is a “fun” part of the business, but when you sample 50-75 wines a day during peak periods, it not only becomes tedious but we have to rely on our experience to recall these items as well.  Our hand-picked selections contain the best values in all segments from wines to craft beers to vodka and other distilled items.

In closing, we can order any item we can locate. There may be a minimum quantity based on the supplier, but we are more than happy to take a special order and work to fill the needs of the consumer.


Welcome to the new “blog” for Montgomery Plaza Liquors. With this venture, we hope to be able to supply more information and provide an understanding as to what separates MPL from other stores.

We make every effort to provide the best customer shopping experience in beverage alcohol. With a management team of 5, we have over 100 years of beverage alcohol experience. What does this mean to you? Simply put, we have a vast amount of knowledge into the products we currently offer along with remembering the ones that may no longer be available. We take pride in being able to assist all customers with ideas on how to utilize their purchase as well whether it is a bottle of wine, a new craft beer, or trying to find that special bottle of bourbon.

We hope that in the future, we can show you how this new facet to our marketing makes us your destination store for beverage alcohol. As always we will continue to post to our Facebook page, update our website, but now we can offer information and product reviews in a different manner. In conclusion, if there is something you want us to answer using this format, please feel free to contact us at